How to Know if He Likes You

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Approaching Guys That are Shy

When you want to find a man, it’s important that you get to understand all men.

For whatever reason, many guys just won’t approach and speak to women.

You could refer to it as timidity or perhaps even intimidation, but in the end it implies that unless she brings it on herself to pursue him, there’ll be little or nothing materializing between them.   

So you may have found your-self madly drawn to a man, but still he unfortunately will not make a move regardless of how much you create eye contact or smirk at him.

What exactly is a female to do?   

The initial rule to engaging guys is this:     

If he can’t muster the courage to speak with you first, he’s more than likely apprehensive.   

Sure, he could just be totally clueless and could not see you smiling at him from across the class. Or even worse, he is ultimately not really attracted to you. However I’m willing to bet that he’s worried to death of walking over to you and basically making a joke of him self. Go back and attempt to recollect each time a dude approached you. Many probably did well, others missed the mark miserably. But do you want to learn a secret?     

They happened to be all absolutely terrified.   

That’s right, our mighty male gender is alarmed by what you may think of us.   

What’s a lady to do?   

Whenever you face one of these guys, it is essential to keep the simple fact in mind that for some reason you intimidate them. Which means that usual backwards and forwards push-pull flirting won’t work at the beginning.   

I advise doing something that will provide you significantly better results.     

Befriending them.   

Now, I’m also not saying become best friends with the guy then 2 months later show your attraction. I’m saying, walk up to him, and just get to know him. Talk with him like he is your best pal that you haven’t seen in months, or sometimes like you’re his bratty younger sister. This will help to place him at ease, and make flirting with him much easier.  Remember, this is all going on in the initial conversation.  The steps will look like this:   

1. Walk up to him and begin an amicable conversation. Building a level of comfort is the secret with this. 

2. Be lively. Not exactly flirtatious at this point, you are still working to put him at ease. You will notice that about now his anxiety will begin to dissipate. 

3. At this point need to quit using the little sister play. He is relaxed. Expose to him that you are in fact a girl attracted to him as more than a pal.   

Soon after the listed techniques, he won’t have trouble taking the driver’s seat the remainder of the way (if he does have an issue after this, he’s probably a little bit ignorant, and you should not waste your effort).   

Bear in mind, this almost all comes about the first time you come across him. Don’t drag out the best buddy act forever, or otherwise he may begin to perceive you as that.

If you ever ask yourself “how do I find a man?, it’s best to ask a man’s opinion, or check out Ladies Should Know.